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Low Competitive Keyword Research Services That Rank

Keywords work as the seeds if you consider your site a tree. Everything else on a site revolves around them. Therefore, selecting the right keywords means you’re doing the business correctly or vice versa. From the keyword research experience of more than 10 years, we’ve seen how the right keywords can bring unparalleled success. If you should care about anything under the sun while building a website, that’d be the keywords.

We have a dedicated team that researches low-competitive and profitable keywords here in Giant marketers. Why would you take the headache, do the keyword research only to find out that the effort was in vain? Let us take the burden down from your head and help you with keywords that’ll shine in the long run and keep your revenues going high. With that been said, let’s dive in and find out how you can help yourself partnering with Giant marketers.

Get Outreach backlinks with affordable price

Are you looking for high-quality outreach backlinks without PBNs to your website for higher organic visibility? Giant Marketers has just the solution for you with more than a decade of link building experience. Google’s ranking algorithm looks for quality backlinks where you get linked back to your site to know that you’re legit. Take a look below to understand how it works and how you’re getting the benefit out of it.



The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

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Content Writing

We have a team of 4 native product review content writer. We will give you the best content you hope for. Try us today

Keyword research service

Keywords work as the seeds if you consider your site a tree. Therefore, selecting the right keywords means you’re doing the business correctly 

Website SEO Audit

If you have a website to rank the highest among your competitors, there are a ton of SEO considerations to take. 


Local SEO Services


Our local SEO services for small business are proven at driving targeted traffic to the destination we decide ,we have the expertise to get you the traffic.

WordPress Speed Optimization

When you don’t have an optimized WordPress site, search engines don’t recognize you as a user-friendly website.Our WordPress website optimization service can give you the ultimate push to your site

SEO Friendly Website Design

We provide seo friendly website design and development services with great UI and UX that attracts your visitors. Our unparalleled, affordable SEO-friendly web design and optimization service will surely help you thrive .

Amazon Affiliate Niche

With a ton of niche site projects done already, the expertise and surpassed the failure stage far behind. We can help you overcome the possible obstacles that a niche site may take into the line with a mastermind strategy


SEO Link Building Services


If you need SEO link building services, we  can be the last agency you’re ever going to need. As a leading link building agency, we’ve served a huge number of clients for more than a decade.

Full SEO Solutions

We know how to drive the traffic from the SERP to your website with over a decade of experience for SEO Solutions. Converting the visitors into customers’ needs years of close monitoring at the traffic behavior which toolsfrog experts at.

About us

Toolsfrog is a prominent name in the digital marketing industry in Bangladesh. Our motto is providing high-quality, results-driven SEO solutions at an affordable price range, especially for small businesses. We’ve successfully served thousands of local and foreign clients, businesses, and agencies with 10+ years of experience

"When it comes to Quality Link building service, Toolsfrog has no alternative."

– Ali Sayed

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